Ahoj! Hello! Hola!

Welcome on my website. My network playground and place for publishing.

You can find here some links to my code, chess presentations as well as game analysis.

About me

Hello, I'm Alexander Dračka. I am QA Engineer especially interested in python and the automation of the boring stuff.

After finishing my computer science degree I decided to work for small IT startup focusing on Quality Assurance services as well as development for other tech companies. I had a chance to work for customers like Sencha, ForgeRock and Avast. I like long term projects where automation is priority. My language of choice is python.

I am also very eager to learn more about network technologies and cybersecurity in recent years. My interests vary among several fields of information technology, but I am especially enthusiastic in python development and application security.

I strongly believe that the internet ought to be free and privacy should be a basic human right. I'm supporting open source projects aiming to bring more privacy and opportunity for people like Linux Mint, Brave, Tor, StartPage, ProtonMail and GnuPG.

Besides work life I am spending my time playing chess, hiking, reading books and enjoying the life with my dog Pepsi.

You can contact me on dracka.alexander@protonmail.com. If you want to send me an encrypted email, please us my PGP Public Key